The Way of the Doh Doh

by Mister Wise

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3rd solo release from Team Demo (Team Demolition) front man, Zechariah Wise, and first under his abbreviated moniker. Known primarily for his production and engineering work, this four song EP represents a new direction for Wise as an artist and features a unique fusion of soul, funk, rock and hip hop.


released September 17, 2013

Produced by Team Demo for the Depth Charge Recording Group, Inc.
Executive Producers: Zechariah Wise and Veronica Zacharias
All songs composed, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Zechariah Wise at Depth Charge Studios (Alexandria, VA)
All songs written by Zechariah Wise except track 3 written by Zechariah Wise, K-Beta and Heran
All songs published by Charging Deep (ASCAP)
Photography by Darryl Hall, Jr.
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all rights reserved



Mister Wise Alexandria, Virginia

Zechariah Wise (aka Mister Wise) is a veteran producer, engineer, composer and recording artist from Alexandria, VA. He is CEO of Depth Charge Studios and president of the production crew, Team Demo. His credits include 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Obie Trice, Wale, Sean Price, Kool G Rapp, Big Daddy Kane, Kurious, Sauce Money, Wais-P, Kingpen Slim, Tabi Bonney, Black Cobain, MF Doom, Illa Ghee etc. ... more

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Track Name: I Can't Figure You Out
1st Verse:
You're a complicated beautiful mess,
dwelling between a certainty and educated guess,
But nevertheless, your mystery compels me,
and I'm beginning to wonder whether it's healthy,
To throw spaghetti at the wall, see if it sticks,
Study your every move I need to learn what makes you tick
Like I'm sick, and you're a condition I need to cure,
So much escapes me but this I know for sure...
You and I are made of elements cast
from a champagne supernova billions of years in the past,
the Higgs Field gave it mass,
physics begat chemistry begat biology begat your crazy ass,
And now I'm dealing with this task that I've got,
See i don't believe or disbelieve I know or I do not,
So I'm forming an hypothesis, looking for clues,
questions had answers until I met you

I've racked my brain I've agonized,
It doesn't matter I,
Can't figure you out baby

I grind but you ain't satisfied,
It doesn't matter I,
Can't figure you out baby

2nd Verse:
You're a complicated beautiful mess,
dwelling between a certainty and educated guess,
but nevertheless, your mystery compels me,
to be skeptical of the things that you tell me,
Your orbit is erratic and so inconsistent,
one minute you're close the next minute you're distant,
I affix my telescope keeping you in my sights,
and hear the Doppler effect as you pass through the night,
Then work on equations until the sun's rising,
in the grip of your gravity falling past the event horizon,
your elaborate disguises,
make me want to map your genome let it be known,
There's more stars in the sky than grains of sand on earth,
but when lost inside your eyes my mind just won't work,
so I'm building a theory, piecing together clues,
questions had answers until I met you.


You're an enigma sowing the seeds of doubt,
and I still can't figure you out

Track Name: The Way of the Doh Doh
1st Verse:
Shot From the womb like a bullet from a gun,
Take a few dozen trips around the sun and we're done.
Enjoy the ride because there's little to protect us,
From global annihilation over breakfast.

Verse Bridge:
Fragile and tenuous,
particles dancing in space,
The time will come when we'll look in the sky
and we'll know that it's our time to go....

And we'll be gone,
Gone the way of the doh doh

2nd Verse:
And you can pray to gods,
we ain't the apple of their eye.
The meaning of this life,
is whatever we decide
Survival is the exception, extinction is the rule,
and if you think we're immune to that then you would be a fool.

Verse Bridge


Keyboard solo
Guitar solo

Verse Bridge


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